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“AASRA SPECIAL SCHOOL” for Mentally And Physically Challenged Children is a school working in the North Indian State “J&K” for the betterment of the needy children. There are hundreds of such school but it still remains different from all those. Started by a small middle class family under a trust named “AASRA CHARITABLE TRUST”  with an objective to serve these gifted children, stands tall in the state. A small school with not more then 30 such children in a non commercial building rented by the family, is not less then heaven for such children. Parenting such children not only requires hard-work, dedication, sympathy and lots of money but public encouragement and support also.

Most of such children are from poor and B.P.L families.Firstly these families are not capable to live on there own and if they do they would never spend for such a child who does not and will not earn them a penny. Secondly these families are not educated enough to send these children to such schools where they can be admitted for vocational training and physically and mental betterment.

In the ad-mist of such situations it is really admirable that a middle class person takes such objectives and starts a school funded by his own income.  


The school is situated in a semi-urban area where most of the families live on agriculture and driving. Its has a strength of 32 registered students mostly from poor families. There are 5 permanent staff members in addition to a group of Doctors and Psychologists. The school provides physiotherapy and vocational training so that these children can someday live on their own. Currently this school is a day school due to the lack of resources. There are plans that it would be converted to a residential school for such children in the near future. The school is equipped with modern machinerys for physical aids.


 “Decision Makers Are The World’s Leaders”. But we are not the leaders, we are the followers. The step has been taken we just have to make way for it, clear the hindrances and to walk beside. Now the question is how?. And the answer lies here with us. Resources are the main thorns in the way and we can clear them by giving our little time for the school helping parenting the children. Doctors are required to make some free visits. Rich’s are required to sponsor the children. Governments are required to aid the schools. Ngo’s are required to donate essentials to school. Who can’t give their time are required to give their money. Who can’t give their anything are required to give their appreciation.

Functioning of the school is a boon for society and Mal-functioning of the school is a scar on societies face


  1. Prof S.S.Bali
          Chairman,Aasra Charitable Trust.
          Aasra House, Ajit Singh Nagar,
          Gadhigarh . Jammu Tawi.
          Jammu and Kashmir, India 181101
          Ph.no- +91-9469132913,  +91-9797380042,  +91-0191-2262474
          e-mail.. aasra_school@yahoo.co.in

  For any suggestions and and aids to the school contact the above mentioned personality

 kindly send your donations in favor of

Aasra Charitable Trust, special school and rehabilitation centre.
A/C. : 963
Panjab and Sind Bank M.B.S College Branch.
Swift Code: PSIBINBB005






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