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“Doctor” the word has weight in it but now the word is on dieting. Doctors were believed to be next to the God. But now-a-days doctor are losing their respect. Since past few years doctors are found involved in many sorts of illegal works. They have gained titles like organ smugglers, man-slaughters and sex-doctors etc. People are losing faith in them. A number of such cases have aroused which are disgusting. Another reason is that its easy to get a fake degree these days. People are in doubt. Nobody prefers a newcomer in this profession. And the survey shows old and experienced doctors are involved in crimes.

“Two UK junior doctors are to stand trial for manslaughter over the death of a 31 year old patient who developed sstaphylococcal toxic shock syndrome  following a routine knee operation. Rajeev Srivastava and Amit Mizra, both senior house officers at the time, have been charged with causing the death of Sean Phillips, who died in June 2000 following surgery at Southampton General Hospital. A trial date has been set for March 2003 at Winchester crown court in Hampshire”

Doctors are also found guilty in organ smuggling. Earlier this year the Indian Kidney Racket had smashed the doctor’s reputation more. Kidney transplant needs are now met easily as these doctors have made their own organ banks. Un-lawfull selling of organs like kidney, liver etc is becoming a business these days.

Indian police have raided a clinic where a team of doctors ran an illegal kidney-trading ring – removing kidneys from the poor, often by force, in order to sell them to wealthy locals or foreigners.  “We suspect around 400 or 500 kidney transplants were done by these doctors over the last nine years,” said Mohinder Lal, the police commissioner of Gurgaon, where the clinic was located.”                                               

Doctors are also gaining publicity as sex doctors. Making sex tapes of patients and putting them on Internet is a easy and fast way to make money. Sexual harassment by doctors is also making to news.

“CHENNAI, India (Reuters) An Indian doctor who secretly filmed his patients and put their naked pictures on the Internet was sentenced to life. Three accomplices of orthopedic physician L. Prakash were sentenced to seven years each by a court in the southern city of Chennai for helping him run a pornographic racket on the Internet.”                                                                                                              

As a result of such incidences by few doctors, whole of the community is suffering. Doctor is a noble profession and a hand full of people are making it sin-full.

And much more doctors are in news just stay updated and avoid such doctors. Report to nearest police station if you observe any un-lawfull activity being carried out by a professional.



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