To be a mentally or physically challenged is extremely miserable. The stigma attached to this condition and day to day problems faced by this lot is not less than a curse. Anguish rule their families, the terrible guilt that they are not able to do anything fruitful to improve the lot of their different lots eats away their peace of mind. The parents are perpetually tense, as they the worst of their children who wholly and sole depends on them n all the activities of life, after their time. Apart from being a social problem it has economical and emotional dimensions.
Our state is one of the educationally, politically, socially different then other states of India in this fast changing life age our disabled lot faces challenges everywhere and every sphere of life. To catch a passenger bus or go to a school or to move in any office creates a lot of problem for these noble souls. Being a father of such child of fifteen years old and a voluntarily social worker of AASRA SPECIAL SCHOOL AND REHABILITAION CENTRE, I have a bitter experience how this lot is neglected especially by our state and centre government.
Social Welfare Department who is claiming a lot for this “poorest of the poor” virtually is doing nothing in this field. Every year government is spending a huge amount on poverty elimination programs, education and health care to improve the lot of weaker section of the society but this lot is absolutely neglected. This department has increased the misery of the people rather than to give them any facility. I have seen the old men and women with stick in their hand rounding district social welfare office amphalla just for pity pension of Rs. 400 which their social right. They are behaved like beggars in front of clerical staff of social welfare. I am sure that our hon’ able minister has never bothered to have a visit of this office the location of this office is so inconvenient that even a normal person avoid to go there but these unfortunate disabled persons are left no other choice but to approach the office. Recently we have gone through news that this office has lapsed corers of rupees which was the right of this section. What better we can expect for this department.
Government of India has enacted the law ensuring equal opportunities to the disabled on first January 1986. It has also proclaimed to make elementary education a fundamental right. Now, there is no excuse for not taking up action to bring this lot to the main stream of life
Indian ethos teaches us to care for the weak and disabled. Our, was a society which never forget to provide them enough to live with a dignity and honor. But to our utter despair modern time present a picture far from that.
AASRA SPECIAL SCHOOL AND REHABILITAION CENTRE 102/10 Greater Kailash, Jammu is voluntarily working for these noble souls. Due to non funding and non cooperation of government we cannot give them the required facilities



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