Directionless society.

“Papa see there, an accident happened to them. Shut up and move, we have to go home, I am tired.”This is the type of reaction most of us have, we do not care or we pretend to be over smart. Either we are afraid to handle such things or we are selfish.

Social is the only word that separates us from animals and this is the only responsibility that we are abstaining from. We are civilized yet uncivic, concerned yet careless, calm yet violent, community yet individual.

It is hard to define society but according to dictionary meaning society is the sum of human conditions and activity regarded as a whole functioning interdependently. Or in simple words living in organised community. But being in an organised community does not mean being interdependent for physical needs only. It is a complex mixture of emotions, psychology, mentality spirituality and then physically. The complexity arises when we have to define the terms emotions, psychology and spirituality and that too in context to a society. When we are attached to the whole of the society and not only to our friends and to relatives in a way such that their grief is our grief and their gratitude is our gratitude, we become emotionally and mentally and psychology attached to the whole of the society. Spirituality, in reference to society means selflessness in selfishness. The means of acquiring structured goods in exchange to it or money is trade not interdependence of society.

In practice these days we are confined to trade with others and depend only for physical needs. All other aspects are confined to our family and friends. We won’t care for any other being, we don’t help the needful unknown to us, we are not bothered if there is an accident or somebody is fighting with somebody or if an underprivileged is in need. We have become extremely selfish.

Being in a democratic, secular, civilized form of government, we are non-secular and non-democratic. The society is wholly solely divided of the basis on caste, creed, region language, sex. And a new division of rich and poor is blooming up. We are practicing the ancient traditions of untouchibility, female foeticide, low morale and living standards of girl child if allowed to live. Crime is at all time high. Murders, robbery, drug peddling, rapes and several other make it to headlines daily. Nudity and sexuality have become the new trends in our society. Adolescence and teenage criminals are increasing. Media and press are making mocks on society. The youth is directionless, griped in drugs and erotica. The parents are busy in their lives. Everyone is selfish wanting more for himself at the cost of others. Universal brotherhood has shrunken to words. Terrorism and militancy are at its peak. Corruption is a parasite. Illiteracy adding in, poverty joining hands and inhumanity boosting up. It is a state of complete haphazardness.

Moral boosting is a must. Religious and educated people are the backbone of our society. They are the one due to whom this word exists. Every religion teaches us oneness and tells us to perform service to humanity. The society is too be a social, civic, law abiding, rights following, humanity seeking, morally upright, secular and a single unit. These elements are missing from our society. There are several taboos that are to be followed. Our children are exposed to nudity at the birth itself with TV, movies, banners all flooding with ambassadors wearing as much less clothes as possible. Usage of drugs by movie actors in pictures has a great effect on our youth, who have them as their role models.

It is a high time to invent ideas to deal with the moral problems of society. All other issues are a offshoots of moral disorder. The administrators are to play an important role. The sensor board should think with brains and not money. The commoners are to participate in all these enactments and use the right acts to macerate such evils of society.



i need suggestions.

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