to dad..!!

*fictious letter… from a novella in-progress by me…

Dear dad.

It might sound absurd that I am writing you a letter when we almost talk daily on phone, bud dad this is about something which I have seldom talked. You might have already guessed that this is about the girl I always talk, if so, than you are right.

I know this girl from almost a year now, she studies with me in here. We started as good buddies. She is a nice lady, a true friend of mine. She understands me, and so do I. From past one year, she is a constant and consistent companion of mine thru thick and thin. She has been a guiding force for me here. And to be true I am staying here only because of her. Dad you know how much I hate this job and this place, the only thing that keeps me in this place is she.

This letter is an introduction of hers to you. Dad, I love this girl and want her to be in our family. I know you might be thinking that I am attracted to her, but no, I truly know this girl and she is a true bride material suiting all your needs. As you always say, a good human being is all you need, she is packed with politeness and a caring heart like mom, a sensible brain and a mature approach like you, and a kiddish smile and a tender heart like lil bro. Dad you can trust me on this, she will be a fantastic, daughter(-in-law), wife, and fit in our family.

But that is half of it. Her name is ******. She is a ******. I know it will come as a shock to you. But then, you only say that a person is not a Hindu or Muslim or from any religion, he is a human being. I hope I am not doing anything wrong in your eyes. It may be wrong for the society we live in, it may be wrong for the relatives of ours, but dad I don’t care, all I care is you and mom. It was you who raised me, not the society, nor the relative, it was you who cared for me, it was you dad. So all I care is you. You know, I have never asked you anything in all my life, I have always tried to be a worthy son, I have always made you proud of me. I have never let you down. And this time too dad, you can count on me.

I know you will understand me, but for mom it will be hard. And I keep this for you to decide. I hope next time when you come to Here, you will surely like to meet her.

Your son


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