A Rape Victim’s Cry

Rape victims cry

Rape Victim’s Cry

Call me Damini or Veera,

Or name me Ifshan or Pooja

Rip me apart

Or tear me

Break me into pieces

Or cut me into halves

Burn me to ashes

And then blow them up

Undress me

one by one

Or all at once

Use me, throw me

Or use me again

Use me one time or numerable


or all together

put me to endless pain

bleed me, and then

do it all over again

push my limits

hard and then harder

but be wary

it just my body

my esteem lies deep within

the scars might heal

but soul still feels

I’ll fight back

If I’ll live



If I die”

©fidoic, first published in The Critireon: International Journal of English, Dec 2013

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