Lost Nirvana!

what am i seeking, nirvana;
a cup of coffee, a spoon of sugar,
2 shots nicotine and a few strums guitar,

A person hidden somewhere,
office, home, school, car,
a bed to court, the love of tsar,
a money machine in a self-inflicted war,

A hopeless child who once lived,
the dreams of playgrounds, corridors and stars,
merged in reality, now full of scars,
the sweet little rose now full of thorns,

the cup of life cooled by breeze
the music offbeat played thrice
the holy grail without chalice
the christ reborn of men’s vice
the seductive snake and the apple bite;
t’was nirvana, seeked without paradise!

©fidoic 2014


2 thoughts on “Lost Nirvana!

  1. Amazzzing writeup……..nicotine takes away the whole charm………if we belong to a family it shouldn’t be namesake….our daily small acts little thoughts the words we utter has to be drenched by the philosophy and principle in all we do…… cheers chardi kala……

i need suggestions.

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