Religion de prostituées

a heavenly muse..

fetched from far..

with money, to seduce..


at flesh-market last night,

i picked her up

for her sacred plight..


i had my reason

and she had hers..

no guilt no treason..


it was pure lust for me..

to her it was money..

and we both needed some company..


my instincts were animal..

my wallet rich..

my habits cannibal


her reason to monger..

controlled by misery..

overpowered by hunger


in her eyes I found..

a feeling of lost..

an expression profound..


we parted our ways..

she went hers, but

I remembered her for days..


I found her again one day…

With her child, a girl,

In uniform on my way..


I followed her, beside

Up to the school..

She left her girl inside..


she kissed on her fore-head

with a profane,

subtle voice she plead..


“study, and work hard,

The world is tough..

Sanity and divinity are charred”

©Fidoic 2014


i need suggestions.

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