something ticked my ind reading it… a poem will follow soon… 🙂



Disclaimer-This is not an attempt to harm beautician’s income.

Artificial beautification is at the forefront these days. Parlours are doing best business ever. World economy might fall and succumb to its injuries but BEAUTY BUSINESS , no way; potent enough to sweep off all practicalities.

Why is the quest to move from natural to artificial so amusing and enchanting ?

Incidentally, in the name of development, attaining knowledge and fulfilling our requirements we started with a series of activites whose geometric progression seems to have repercussions, culminating at human body ,mind and soul. In this text I will try to explore the connotations of those activities- whose main aim is to move over and above innate characterstics- on what us humans look like.

Birth followed by years of livelihood is chased by death which is preceded by old age. In old age almost all the members of human breed…

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i need suggestions.

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