Blame Game.

Was it not all destined to be..

Every part of it written already..

The good the bad the should the would..

All of it schemed, all of it planned..


Or is it sheer coincidence..

That everything fell into place..

Unknowingly, all of a sudden..

With an accuracy, so cursed..


No, it is fate, that conspired..

To take revenge, from good luck,

She swayed her stick, twice,

Once to destroy, then to defeat,


Or it can be “the fruits”, one yields

For what you sow so shall you eat,

That ripened so quick and fell to ground,

And the remaining will never ripe


Or it can be ‘God’, the Satan’s half,

Who plays the trick, amuses himself,

For sin and repentance are his tools,

People his puppets, the happy fools.



i need suggestions.

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