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Being Indian, we bow our head, say “Namaste” and welcome everyone. It means “We never stopped being each other”. But these days, if we fathom the deep meaning of Namaste practically, it has changed. Yes, it has changed. Because we have stopped supporting and have become materialistic to an extent that we have started getting afraid of forming a unity, which has totally hindered the social and respective values of women cultures and empowerment.

Naari ki Shakti ko shashakt kr, badlav ko laanaa hai”, has been reduced to a mere quotation. Women empowerment is a much hyped and talked about area but still a misinterpreted and mismanaged one. When we speak of it we say words like, equality, respect, dignity, solace, education, laws, penal acts, reservations. But is it women empowerment! Let us have a look!

From Delhi Rape case to…

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