Apple Tree and Me!



                 Pic by Younis Bhat.

Standing tall stocked with red apples,
He earns more than i do.
A kilo of these is my hour’s wage.
A quarter of it my month’s income.

I despise and grow jealous,
Standing still and lazy,
He does what i cant despite
My locomotive and artistic ability.

At 25 he is more independent
And rooted than i can ever be
His vacations are more festooned
And longer than i can ever have

He’s got more friends, the birds
The ants, the bees who sing to him
Vistors form distant lands migrate
Every season to meet him..

He’s socially more responsible
He amends for what i ruin
He reduces carbon imprints
And sucks in pollution

He’s more Famous than me,
He got clients in distant lands
And is talked-of in elite societies.
He’s got relatives all over the world.

The son of a seed!
Brute! Standing still
Outruns me in every field
When he even can’t walk.


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