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Does Delhi reek of 1984? Drawing parallels; 1984 vs 2020

Three thousand killed! That was the official statement. The sky was grey with smoke and air pungent from the mixture of tyre and flesh burning on the road side. The earth was red at places from the fresh blood leaving the bodies of those three thousand. It was a mass massacre. It was named riots but by definition it was a genocide.
Sikhs were pulled out of their houses and shops. They were dragged out of busses and autos. Pinpointed and killed. Women were raped on roadsides. Paraded naked. And later killed. Hundreds of houses and properties burned and ransacked. Unofficially the toll was somewhere between eight to ten thousand with several thousand injured. A huge number of people relocated to other states and some to other countries.
It all started after Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her bodyguards who happened to be Sikhs. The revenge was taken on the whole community.
That could not have happened. It was allowed to happen. Hate speeches inspired people to come on the roads. The then government ministers and party workers were mobilising the mob, supplying them with petrol bombs, iron rods, swords, sticks etc. The police were told to stand down for two days. The media was not allowed to cover. The mob knew exactly who lived where. Bikers carrying petrol cans roamed to refill the mob supplies for flambeaus and petrol bombs. Trucks and cars loaded with iron rods, sticks, stones were stationed at main chowks. Anyone wearing a turban was to be killed instantly. Some of the ministers proclaimed prizes for those who will kill and rape Sikhs.
The current situation in Delhi smells the same. The majority is being mobilised using hate speech, pseudo-patriotism, fake-nationalism. The issue started with an entirely different thing but turned into Hindu-Muslim dipole. The ministers of the government are mobilising and supporting the majority against minority. The police were seen helping one faction to beat another. Armed people are allowed to run amok with police watching from a distance. The judiciary is quiet and the ones who try standing up are being transferred. Religious places are being burned down to the ground. The media is one-sided propaganda machinery that is only blaming parties. The figures cannot be trusted. And nobody knows what’s going on the inside. The story comes out only after the affair settles.
Thirty-nine are already dead as of now, more than three-fifty people are injured and the toll is increasing. Muslim men have started to shave, and through away their caps, women are stripping out of bhurkhas and naqabs. They are being asked to recite national anthem and Hindu shlokas to ascertain their religion. Circumcision is being checked.
This cannot happen. This is being allowed to happen.
The things can take an entirely different route. If it is not checked, the mob violence will be widespread, more and more radical minded fanatics will join in and a mass execution of one community will be the outcome.

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