How not to love.

How hard it is to distract yourself when you have a parallel thought that is making your heart bleed. Like in the middle of the chest a hollow has been created and something carved out that needs immediate filling. The heartbeat has also shifted to it. You feel like it is beating there, in that hollow and not at its usual place. You try to scroll through your news feed, your Instagram and Twitter which always keep you busy, but today they are not helping at all. You then go to Netflix or Amazon, play through a number of videos but all you hear is that beat in the hollow space. There is a sudden numbness in your thumbs with which you type, the other fingers that hold your phone feel a little shaky like the mobile has suddenly gained a lot of weight.

You search a place to lay down, to shut your eyes and somehow push that though away from your head. But nothing works. Nothing.

The remedy is her voice. You check your phone for previous messages, some old voice recording to soothe your nerves. You check her pictures saved, try to imagine the best of the memories, the best of the times spent together. You re-read the recent conversation to see what it actually meant, if you have somehow missed something. You try hard to push that thought away. But nothing works. Nothing.

The hollow goes on expanding, the beat becomes heavier and louder. The thought begins to push all other things out. You crash down teary eyed.

Only her voice will work. You pick up the phone to give her a call, but she told, she needs some time. You respect her wishes and suffer in the dark.

Waiting for voice to fill that hole.



Glen was seemingly quiet. The world around her buzzed with energy while she sat lamenting the loss of a beautiful relationship, she hoped would turn into a marriage proposal someday.

Alex on the other hand, never thought about Glen since the moment he left containment. He enrolled into what he thought would lead him to glory—research division for MAGES.

MAGES were proud, they researched—humans and their habits. Eating patterns, mating, sleeping, everything, and reproduced the same into their containments. Their sole aim was to give birth to new generation, that would grow and mature. Not manufactured like them.


Understanding Government Education System: Problems and solutions

Despite all the planning and money spent, the quality of education has declined over the years

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.”– G. K. Chesterton

Literally, education means the imparting and acquiring of knowledge through teaching and learning, especially at a school or similar institution. Politically it’s a fundamental right provided to us by our Constitution. Economically, it is one of the most flourishing businesses with low investment and high return and with an ever increasing market. It is an enterprise; a public and private sector enterprise.

We have seen government trying its best to enhance the quality of government schools. A number of steps have been taken and several of those have been successful. Despite all the planning and money spent, the quality of education has declined over the years.

Every year, we see how government schools perform in the annual examination, and are witness to the intellect of a government school student.

Capable officers enthusiastically try to reform it, by bringing in new new-schemes. Highly qualified staff has been selected through rigorous examinations and interviews. Capable and honest officers see to it that the schools function properly. Despite these the quality is validly low. There ought to be a mole somewhere?

Let us examine the structure.

The elements of school education are – teachers, infrastructure, administration, policies and initiatives, enrolment, student related factors and curriculum. Let us examine these to bring out the problem and try to formulate a solution for it.

The Current Scenario:

Teachers and other staff: The government schools boast of having highly qualified staff. The least qualified staff in a government school, appointed in last 10 years, would be a Graduate with a B.Ed, with exceptions to those who are appointed through SROs, and Special Drives. Some older staff members still teaching is several schools are Matric-pass or TDC-Pass albeit they also have undergone either a D.Ed or some intensive in-service training. These are the senior most teachers at the verge of retirement, or usually Headmasters in primary and middle school. They either do not have to teach, or will teach a class or two to the primary students. With a number of posts vacant and a number of teachers being used as clerks or in other non-teaching activities, the department still has a sufficient number of teachers if it works out the maths properly. The supporting staff is actually non-existing is most of the school. Peon, chowkidar, clerk, office-person etc., are entitled to only High School and above. Highly underpaid cook works in middle schools for MDM needs and is usually used as peon as well, and is paid by contribution of all the teaching staff. You get the picture, right?

Infrastructure and other physical facilities: In the last one decade the infrastructure; buildings, bathrooms, cooking-areas and facilities like drinking water, electricity have been upgraded considerably. That said, they are still insufficient, most of the government schools do not have adequate classrooms. Two or three different classes are being taught in the same room. Playgrounds are still a distant dream. Almost all the schools, with a few exceptions, still do not have benches for the students. They still sit on mats, though blackboards and chalks have been replaced by whiteboards and markers. Labs and libraries, only in high schools and above.

Mid-Day-Meals: Free lunch, yes please. It is a bait, an attempt to increase the attendance and admission intake of the schools by luring in the poor people with free-meals. Though it is a nice and effective initiative and serves its purpose, it has no other role in education system. A good deal of money is involved in the scheme which leads to several scams, some big and some small. Fake admission and attendance records have been maintained by a number of schools to extort money from the government scheme.

No-failure up to class 8th : One of the main culprit schemes of government schools. Every student up to Class 8th is given a pink-slip into the next class, no matter what. Whether he is capable enough or not, studies or not, comes to school or not, if his details are existent on the school register, no matter fake, he is bound to pass under this scheme. The purpose is to check dropout rate and retain admissions. The scheme is a trick of government to increase on papers the literacy rate of the state. The main problem with this scheme is if you know you can do a thing in easier way why would you try the harder way.

Checks and Balances in place: All the checks are being placed on the teaching faculty. They have to abide by a dozen rules and regulations, all of which even if followed religiously to the core, will still not yield any results. Officials have to move beyond surveillance and inculcate faith in teachers. A surprise inspection and a few questions to the students is a futile activity just to satisfy the need to be in power.

A teacher is bound to reach on time, he has to make a teacher’s diary and lesson plans, he has to leave the school on time and he has to complete the syllabus on time all of which can be verified by the attendance register, and the teacher’s diary. With this a teacher is not accountable for what he does in the school, he just has to come and leave on time, rest of the time he can kill the time.

Lesson plans and diaries are a way to convince the officials that teachers come prepared and that the course work is running as per schedule. They actually have a negative impact, most of the teachers prepare it just for the sake of it. In a government school where you have so many uncontrolled factors like, irregular attendance, repeating the same lesson again and again due to various reasons, the focus shifts on completing the syllabus instead of learning.

To ensure quality education the government has a power to stop the pay of the teacher who has poor results. Witty, isn’t it. No student fails as a policy and therefore every teacher has a 100% pass percentage of his students.

Talking of Government Schools, on an average 95% of class 8th students cannot comprehend a paragraph of English and are unable to solve the basic numeracy question. They have poor scientific and general knowledge. Most of them are not even able to understand and converse in Urdu. Now, a teacher has to show results on paper. This leads to bogus examination practices and corruption.

Administration: To run this educational process an efficient system is already in place. A primary/middle school is looked after by a Headmaster. A number of middle schools form a cluster which further associate under a higher-secondary school as its cluster head. All these schools in a Zone are directly under Zonal Education officer. All the zones of a District report to a Chief Education Officer who himself is answerable directly to Director Education. Honesty at its core the system works properly. Pun intended.

Carter G. Woodson once said “For me, education means to inspire people to live more abundantly, to learn to begin with life as they find it and make it better.”

Yet, everything is summed up when we compare a government school student with a student from a primary school.

Analysis of the problem

Education is a give and take process. A student is a product of hard-work of not just the teacher but also the parent. It’s a 60-40 game with 60% development at home and 40% at school. Why do you think a student of private school performs better than a government one?

Put it simply, a private school student’s parent pays 5000-12000% more than the ones attending the government school, he is more actively involved with the progress of the student, he forces his ward to study at home, he even gets him tutored at a coaching centre, he gets him new and clean clothes, he visits the school at PTMs and the list goes on and on. Not even one of this is met by the parents of a government school students.

Second and more importantly a flawed evaluation system for both students and teachers cannot bring good results. To understand this we have to go with an example and prove this by the contradictory theory.

Our evaluation system is based on either unit-term examination system or continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) system. Ask a teacher about CCE and he will only be able to give its full-form and a faint and quaint idea of it. Both the systems in a government school are on papers. A student who knows nothing about basic numeracy passes with high marks in maths. Same goes for other subjects. There are a few reasons for this. First a fake examination held, with every student getting pass marks without even appearing in the exams. Second, even if the examination is held, it is just a formality to make students fear and think that there in reality exists a system of education at a building they call school. Thirdly, a teacher who fears about his pay being held because of poor results is willing to pay to get his students through the 8th boards. Lastly and most importantly, lack of accountability.

A teacher sets the examination question paper according to what he has taught, giving full regards to the prescribed formats or syllabus, then he helps the students to secure pass marks and at the end of it he checks the paper to ensure that every student of his class has passed with at-least 60% or more. Oh, and he cannot fail anyone.

All the students come from poor households. Government schools are not an option, they are compulsions. No-one wants to willingly send their children to the government school. These poor parents who mostly work as labourers or other subsistence jobs are unlettered and uneducated people. They cannot partake in any kind of educational process at the home, and can be easily fooled by children into believing most of what they say. They cannot afford to lose a day’s job to attend the Parent-Teacher meeting, and the women usually housewives, are either shy or uninterested to visit the schools. Most of these parents, deep in their hearts know that their children will grow up to be labourers and daily wagers and do not hold larger dreams for them. That is what a teacher has to deal with. The education process is confined to the school only. No parental involvement is present.

The Solution:

Most of the highly capable officers repeat the same strategy but in a different way, the core issues are not addressed, but the peripheral ones are highlighted and worked upon, which in itself is an appreciable job.

The essentially vital thing that they miss is the involvement of teacher. A committee of young teachers from different schools, can give them a better perspective. A plan devised by the officials for the teachers might not work, but the one devised by teachers for the teacher will work definitely.

All the facilities, infrastructure, policies, checks and balances are aimed in the wrong direction. Instead of aiding the teaching-learning process the emphasis is on enrolment, retainment and gratification in numbers.

Instead of aiming for rich students to enrol in government school, the focus should be shifted on improving the life of the poor. Instead of future the focus should be shifted on present. And shifting the focus does not mean neglecting the other parts but an all-round development with primary effort towards the current scenario.

Corruption cells within the department should be made. What can be done should be done without money and what cannot be done should not be done with money.

A shift from syllabus-oriented teaching to learning-oriented teaching is must. New syllabus be formulated based on learning of students, with a freedom provided to the teacher to practice the best suitable method he deems appropriate. A time bound but flexible leaning objective needs to take over the rigid sheet of syllabus provided at the start of the session. This is a small duration method to reform the teaching system. Once the results are obtained the changes can be rolled back with the following changes.

Emphasis should not be on the process, lesson plans and attendance but on outcomes. A very radical step can be abolishing the syllabus for next two years, and aim at basic comprehension, numeracy, and other skills.

Most of the teachers complain, that the student was not taught in the previous class, what can we do, he does not even know basic mathematics and cannot understand the questions, how would I teach him/her? These two years be given to overcome all obstacles so any student from any class be made self-reliant. Achievable and realistic but outrageously radical.

A new evaluation system should be enforced which checks both the curriculum and the learning outcomes.

Building and infrastructure upgrade where every class has a separate room. Mats will do for the moment.

Sufficient teaching staff, that is, every school must have at least a minimum of three teachers more than the number of classes, that is a primary school should have at least 7/8 teacher, a middle school: 11 teachers, a high school: 13 teachers. Even if a class has only one student, every class has to run parallelly for all the periods, that means an equal number of teachers are constantly required to work. Clubbing two or more classes in the same period by one teacher is a joke made out of education.

Another important thing is catering to teachers and respecting them. Based on how important their job is, they are highly underpaid. A general teacher earns less than forty-thousand a month, is barred from any other monetary employment even in his free time. He is not allowed to pursue any higher education which is not directly linked with his job, he does not get promotion based on his performance or by any departmental exam, all his education and talent are subdued.

That is a feeling of being stuck, people don’t want to become a teacher. I bet, if you can find one child who will say, I want to become a teacher when I grow up. People who do not find any other job end up as teachers. How do you expect such a person to perform?

Being strict, and following the rules is great, but accommodating and negotiating their demands are two things that can lower the burden on teachers. Futile activities which make no sense, have to be followed just for the sake of it.

The society tells teachers how to perform their job, they are the most common victim of mud-slinging mostly because of the undue number of holidays they get like hartals, lockdowns, winter vacations etc.

Government teachers are thrown blindfolded and hands tied behind their backs, into a dark room and are told to find a way out by bumping their heads into the walls. The system if changed or even if instated with strictness, government teacher can prove to be the most important asset to the state and community. As always said ‘Teachers are the builders of the nation’, but what can a builder do without an architect, labour and raw-material.

A Model School: A Dream

This middle school has about 11 teachers and around 100 students. Adequate number of classrooms where every class is in a separate room and teacher can teach without disturbance. Has facilities like, library, a science lab, a computer lab, playground etc. More importance is given to practical learning. The teachers are not bound to complete the lesson in a said duration. The headmaster tells student not to learn the question and answers but to understand the lesson so that they can solve the questions themselves. Once a month parents come to check the progress of their children. No fake admissions or attendance are kept and mid-day meal is served in the best possible way. At the end of the said duration an external agency comes to evaluate the progress of the school and examinations are held which not only evaluate the student but also the teacher. Remedial classes are held if needed. Students are able to comprehend basic English, converse in it, and do basic mathematics

Bupinder Singh, published in Greater Kashmir

Non Fiction

5 “End-up-in-Nothing” Problems & Their 5 “Be a Successful Entrepreneur” Solution

A Sound Mind Lives in a Sound Body. And a Sound Purse lives with a Sound Mind. If you are eager to startup something and become a Sound Entrepreneur, they say, think out of the box. You have a crazy new idea you think nobody else has, you have a bunch of friends who support you, you have a purse full of money to invest and you start thinking to materialize your idea. They call you a Startup.

But like every other Startup your odds of being successful are still odd. And like every other Startup you can end up entangles in any one of these problems.

Problem #1:  Overthinking

What if this is not a new idea? What if someone else is doing the same thing? What if I won’t succeed at it? What if nobody buys it? What if….?

Thinking is good. Vision is better.

Practicality is best. And excess of everything is bad.

Solution #1 This is my idea, I am the best at it

It’s my idea, and I know where it’s germ is. If Sony thought the same about Samsung they would have stuck to “Walkman’s” only and never launched Mobile phones.

Problem #2: Mal-Strategizing

Though it’s your idea and you are best at it. But without strategy even Motorola’s $5 Billion investment into satellite phones landed into Bankruptcy (filing for Chapter11 Bankruptcy)

Solution #2: Research and Analysis

The research and analysis lies in the existence of your Idea. Talk, party, meet people and gather the information, explore the subconscious of people. See if your idea is actually new and viable. Or someone somewhere has already started it and making some dough of it. Viability and Market Research are key to success.

Problem #3: Procrastination

Now that you have done you research and analysis and you think that it’s the right thing to do. So why procrastinate. Every moment is precious. If Eastman Kodak would not have stuck with its print processing instead of the new technology they wouldn’t have lost 75%of their market stake.

Solution #3: How and When of What

You are clear about your “what” Now take a pen and a notebook and plan for its “How and When”. Planning in ink and paper is better than daydreaming. If you are clear about “How” the answer to “When” is “NOW” Don’t let that “Someone” start it before you do.

Problem #4: Improper Equipment

By improper equipment I mean hardware, software, marketing strategy and public relation. What you have to offer in addition to the “almost similar entrepreneurs” in your area. That’s why “Winamp” landed into recycle bin.

Solution #4: The extra edge

If the stuff is same the packing matter and if the packing is same the stuff matters. Your idea is viable only if it gives the client something new which he does not knows. What I know, I won’t ask it form you or pay you for giving me what I already have. Nor would I like to throw away my Colour TV for a Colour TV, but an LCD will work.

Problem #5: Mismanagement

If it didn’t matter, managers wouldn’t get that much of a salary. An action plan needs a team, a team needs a leader and this is where a manger comes in. And when it’s your idea, you are the manager. But still you need a team. You can’t be peon, cashier, and receptionist, PR or HR guy. You need to organise a set of people after you have developed the proper assets.

Solution #5: Incorporation and then Organisation

Get noticed, Get success. Without advertisement the specific measurable outcomes of your high desired results will get dull and then duller. Incorporate a sense of being successful and you will be there. Organisation exists only if good organiser does. While hiring a team remember the Willing Donkey carries the heaviest load and there are a thousand people who will do the same job in less pay. And once you are done with the team remember a little praise is better than a bag of money. Appreciate and your work will be done easily.

Now that you are well equipped to star-up and give a final shape to your Idea/concept. Remember the 6th Funda.

The 6th Sense: A touch-up of optimism

Optimism is the one quality more associated with success and happiness than any other. –Brain Tracy.

Ups and downs make a person. Decision makes a Man. And Optimism make the Man go successful. Be optimistic, results will follow, if not soon but someday.

Bupinder Singh first published at Inc42


Flying to Byzantine

There is no country for young. The old,
in the parliaments, birds in cages,
– Those budding generations- at their fluttering,
the flesh-markets, the beggar-crowded streets
drugs, dope or douche, sting all summer long
whatever is brought, is sold and eaten,
caught in that agonic music, all meditate upon
monuments of aging sensuality.

A young man is but a poultry thing,
a tattered hen upon a grill, unless,
age claps it’s hand and mourn, and louder mourn,
for every tatter will be old hence,
nor is there a mourning school but meditating,
monuments of its own scornful surplus,
and therefore I have flown over the sky and come,
the fuckin city of fluctuatinople.

O morons sleeping in Satan’s hells’s fire,
as in the stone carving of caves,
come from the hell’s fire, prene is a gyre,
consume my passions away, sick with desire,
and fastened to an enthusiastic beast,
it knows not what to do, and transform me,
into an old man of wit, treason and lust,

And then I’ll fly back, and will take,
a chair in the parliament of owls,
and such a chair, as was of Lucifer’s Bilail
of accumulated power and seven sins,
to keep a drowsy public enticed,
or set upon the golden bed to rejoice,
to my life full of greed, and lust,
of what is past, or passing, or to come.

published in The Criterion Journal,


By the road i stood

I stood watching,
watching where we are,
watching where we were.

By the road I stood
gasping, struggling,
reminding myself of Kashmir.

Where people were humane,
where discrimination was taboo,
where brotherhood prevailed,
where harmony ruled,
where corruption was a crime.

What could be done,
was done without money,
what couldn’t be done,
was never done with money.

By the road I stood,
it was not a common day,
cause Kashmir was missing,
cause Kashmir was lost.

Published in Kashmir Life, 2014

Non Fiction, politics

5 Reasons Why Kashmir movement will fail?

Learning from Indian National Movement!

After almost three decades the Kashmir Freedom movement stands no further than where it started. Every passing year is a mix of mass agitations, protests, hartals and then accepting the failure, only to rise again the next year. The surge of untamed energy of the youth goes down the gutter every year. The only outcome at the end is the addition to death toll, damage to public infrastructure, serious loss of human resource in terms of education and economic stability. But with every rising sun, the energy is refilled and a new protest is in the building. The question that thus arises is, “why continue on such a futile path, that leads to nowhere. ”

The answer lies in learning from the past. History is the best teacher, it is said. But the only thing one learns from history is “that no one learns form history”. The Kashmir Freedom movement is a poignant reflection of the Indian national movement. India as a vast nation took two centuries to become independent. But that was a time when all the present modern day inventions were not at their behest.

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Ahl al-Kitab

Ever wonder what made writers like Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Leo Tolstoy, Franz Kafka, etc, the greatest of all time? What made them stand out from the rest? What validation they had unlike their peers? The answer is READERS. Vladimir Nabokov, The Russian writer, who wrote Lolita, used to say that readers are not sheeps, not every pen can tempt them. The GOATs had a set of intelligent audience who knew what a good piece of writing is.

“Tacitus did not write a most dangerous book. His readers made it so.”

Christopher Kerbs

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poem, poetry

Ghosts of Freedom

I am not blind, no, I can see you
see you tear apart the scarf from her head,
I can see the bangles broken
Laying on the floor.
I can see your hand searching her,
her ripe bosom;
the lust in your eyes
is visible to me.
I can see the smile on your face,
full of disgusting pride you carry.

I can see, until I become one of those,
those hit with your pellets.
Those who can’t see!
And I will cease to see further.

But I will still be able to hear,
her screams,
the sound of the bangles falling upon the floor,
your laugh and furthermore,
the stories of my fellows;
seen with their eyes until every last
of them is hit with your pellets.

And when nobody is left
to hear or to see,
our ghosts will fight, for our


First published in WithKashmir.

poetry, politics

For Masrat et al.

Il miglior fabbro

Deep purple is not just a colour,
but an award, under our clothes,
that shines,
brightly but painfully,
awarded to the woke, for excellence
in resistance and dissidence.

How do you speak?
and why do you want to?
only inside the mouth,
a tongue is a tongue;
no bone, then how?
how do you make it stand
on its feet, and make it march,
restlessly and tirelessly.

What do you want to muckrake?
for expression is lost,
upon expressing, it ceases to be,
the moment a tide of reckoning hits it
with waves of misinterpretations
and it is pulled into the cesspool
of allegations and arguments, and is
trapped forever in the quagmire of
ambiguous desolations.

May-be you too are haunted,
by the ghosts of azaadi,
or may-be you are a troubled child,
of an unhappy marriage between
concealed fascism
divulged freethinking.

First published in The Universe Journal

Subsequently in Asian Speaks.

Photo by getty images.

poem, poetry


An imagination, a thought
embroiled in a simmering flame
an ocean of raindrops.

Kohl spread under the eyes
and amongst them a nada
a seed buried, waiting to erupt.

Which would have bloomed.

But who’ll water it,
who’ll filter the weed,

that lives off its share
stealing it’s air and water.


It will pass!

Under the sordid sun we sat,
repugnant rays bathed our skins.
Black clouds in the distant sky,
overlooking a canopy of redwoods;
omen of what is to come.

‘Don’t speak, its prohibited,’
she muffled in my ears,
‘confine your words dear,
for, to speak is to boor’.
Hold! It may pass as well!

The wings of wax had melt,
and then Icarus rose no more.
And Phaethon fell to earth,
burning all it had, but then
it passed, as all things do.

For ashes of the martyrs
give birth to martyrs again.
And from tyranny arises-
tongues and arms and shoulders-
which turn the sun immaculate.

Painting_ Jacob Peter Gowy’s The Flight of Icarus

First published in Asian Speaks.

It may pass as well



Sickles, spades, stones, sticks!
I cry dissent; they hear hatred.
I bleed nauseously and ooze panic,
they rub me with pellets and bullets,
to close my wound, they welt my skin.

Sickles, spades, stones, sticks!
I paint dissent; they see hatred.
I eat grief and breathe pain,
they feed me laws and rules,
to fill my stomach, they keep me hungry.

Sickles, spades, stones sticks!
I write dissent, they read hatred.
I hear mumbles and whispers of despair,
they sing me fire and pepper gas lullabies,
to tune my ear, they pierce my drums.

Sickles, spades, stones, sticks!

Pic by Paul Becker by CC2

First published in Inverse Journal

politics, social

Does Delhi reek of 1984? Drawing parallels; 1984 vs 2020

Three thousand killed! That was the official statement. The sky was grey with smoke and air pungent from the mixture of tyre and flesh burning on the road side. The earth was red at places from the fresh blood leaving the bodies of those three thousand. It was a mass massacre. It was named riots but by definition it was a genocide.
Sikhs were pulled out of their houses and shops. They were dragged out of busses and autos. Pinpointed and killed. Women were raped on roadsides. Paraded naked. And later killed. Hundreds of houses and properties burned and ransacked. Unofficially the toll was somewhere between eight to ten thousand with several thousand injured. A huge number of people relocated to other states and some to other countries.
It all started after Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her bodyguards who happened to be Sikhs. The revenge was taken on the whole community.
That could not have happened. It was allowed to happen. Hate speeches inspired people to come on the roads. The then government ministers and party workers were mobilising the mob, supplying them with petrol bombs, iron rods, swords, sticks etc. The police were told to stand down for two days. The media was not allowed to cover. The mob knew exactly who lived where. Bikers carrying petrol cans roamed to refill the mob supplies for flambeaus and petrol bombs. Trucks and cars loaded with iron rods, sticks, stones were stationed at main chowks. Anyone wearing a turban was to be killed instantly. Some of the ministers proclaimed prizes for those who will kill and rape Sikhs.
The current situation in Delhi smells the same. The majority is being mobilised using hate speech, pseudo-patriotism, fake-nationalism. The issue started with an entirely different thing but turned into Hindu-Muslim dipole. The ministers of the government are mobilising and supporting the majority against minority. The police were seen helping one faction to beat another. Armed people are allowed to run amok with police watching from a distance. The judiciary is quiet and the ones who try standing up are being transferred. Religious places are being burned down to the ground. The media is one-sided propaganda machinery that is only blaming parties. The figures cannot be trusted. And nobody knows what’s going on the inside. The story comes out only after the affair settles.
Thirty-nine are already dead as of now, more than three-fifty people are injured and the toll is increasing. Muslim men have started to shave, and through away their caps, women are stripping out of bhurkhas and naqabs. They are being asked to recite national anthem and Hindu shlokas to ascertain their religion. Circumcision is being checked.
This cannot happen. This is being allowed to happen.
The things can take an entirely different route. If it is not checked, the mob violence will be widespread, more and more radical minded fanatics will join in and a mass execution of one community will be the outcome.