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Lets us examine the question “Is Respect of human rights is an obligation every citizen irrespective of caste, color and religion in the society.?”

I will like to start with a quote from Nelson Mandela “To deny people of their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.”

Human rights are the very manifestation of humanity. Human rights, as we know are the universal set of rights that every citizen of the planet irrespective of his caste, color, religion, decent and nationality cherishes. These rights are not given to us by any government or law instead they are inculcate into our existence. They exist because we exist. They are transcendental in nature yet they inspire people from all political spectrum to come together and vouch for its violations. Unlike the constitutional fundamental rights they are not written somewhere but are born out of our survival, our aspirations to live and exist as we deem fit, our hopes and dreams to lead a dignified and meaningful life.

As UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka say “Our hopes for a more just, safe and peaceful world can only be achieved when there is universal respect for the inherent dignity and equal rights of all members of human family”, it becomes an obligation of every citizen irrespective of caste, color, creed, religion and all other basis of discrimination to respect the human rights. When people know, practice, abide, use and protect their rights without abusing, infringing, exploiting and violating them, they become responsible citizens.

The term ‘Human right’ was first used in 1766, but in the present century it has gained a new connotation. The freedom from unlawful imprisonment, torture or execution has become the genial meaning now. The widespread killings of people in different areas during the world wars and the cold war, the subjugation of various freedoms of the third world or aboriginal people by the imperial superpowers, the democratically plotted genocides of targeted communities or religious populations, the regional implications of war as in Somalia, Iran, Kashmir, Punjab etc all are considered gross human right violations by international media in particular and public in general.

How can one citizen not respect what he himself aspires for? John F Kennedy rightly says, “The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened”.  The world is a practically a give and take equation, you call it karma or you call it reaction, everyone reaps what he sows. Without respecting the rights of a fellow human you cannot and should not hope for your own rights to be respected.

There are forums and international communities, NGO’s and organisations working for human rights. The UNHRC is the apex body at the international level looking into the human rights and their violations. Amnesty international and several such NGO’s are playing a positive role in safeguarding the Human Rights. But the question is why we need such organisations in the first place? Why are the Rights violated? Who are the culprits? The answer lies in self introspection. If every citizen of the planet feel it is his obligation to respect the Human rights of the fellow human without any discrimination whatsoever, the world would be a better place.

I would like to sum it up with the words of UN Deputy Secretary General JAN ELIASSON, “ there can be no peace without development, no development without peace and no lasting peace or sustainable development without respect for Human rights and the rule of law”

Introvert’s prayer.

Reminiscences of past..
Packed in caliberated sequal of pregrine musings..
Merged with festooned blossoms of present..
I owe myself a bamboozled quagmire of words…
Intoxicated in escsty..
A wish a blessing be at peace & live in dreams of fulfilled pleasures…


Abstract Noise.

In this abstract noise,
where each and every voice, comes from distinct source,
Filled with joy or remorse, 
one among them is mine,
not inseparable from thine,
I am trying to find myself,
In this dark mist of time,
quagmire of felling chime,
holy disdains regime,
and I am trying to tune my rhyme,

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Groom up your respective values

Being Indian, we bow our head, say “Namaste” and welcome everyone. It means “We never stopped being each other”. But these days, if we fathom the deep meaning of Namaste practically, it has changed. Yes, it has changed. Because we have stopped supporting and have become materialistic to an extent that we have started getting afraid of forming a unity, which has totally hindered the social and respective values of women cultures and empowerment.

Naari ki Shakti ko shashakt kr, badlav ko laanaa hai”, has been reduced to a mere quotation. Women empowerment is a much hyped and talked about area but still a misinterpreted and mismanaged one. When we speak of it we say words like, equality, respect, dignity, solace, education, laws, penal acts, reservations. But is it women empowerment! Let us have a look!

From Delhi Rape case to…

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something ticked my ind reading it… a poem will follow soon… 🙂



Disclaimer-This is not an attempt to harm beautician’s income.

Artificial beautification is at the forefront these days. Parlours are doing best business ever. World economy might fall and succumb to its injuries but BEAUTY BUSINESS , no way; potent enough to sweep off all practicalities.

Why is the quest to move from natural to artificial so amusing and enchanting ?

Incidentally, in the name of development, attaining knowledge and fulfilling our requirements we started with a series of activites whose geometric progression seems to have repercussions, culminating at human body ,mind and soul. In this text I will try to explore the connotations of those activities- whose main aim is to move over and above innate characterstics- on what us humans look like.

Birth followed by years of livelihood is chased by death which is preceded by old age. In old age almost all the members of human breed…

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