Isabella and Me.

Isabella and Me.. (Unlineated Poem)

Octuber; a cold month trees shed their cloths and sun its light. Isabella and me we ran together to seek a shelter. Octuber is cold it rains outside; social and political together; raindrops. The trees shed their leaves some yellow and some still green and the sunlight it grows lighter, colder, and darker. And me and isabella walked through these leaves crushing them under our feet. The sunlight didnt touch us but some leaves have thorns and her feet bleed and some rays are harsher and her skin burned. The raindrops soothed us; emotional. Social and political; drenched us. Isabella and me still found a shelter, a safer place, a stone stands there. Octuber is a cold month but we are safe me and isabella now lay asleep.

(©fidoic First Appeared in Unbroken Journal)





Some broken pieces – mirror –

Reflect differently – each one – a piece –

They dare- reveal – ransack – restore –

A different me – each time –

Some cry /some gag /some smile

Some blank /some hollow /some shallow

Deep under- they- lie – about themself-

They repeat /they pretend /they cheat

They portend /they copy/ then they fake

Deep under- they lie- like me- like me