From True Love To Just Friends


We met at Nescafe!!. And our love greww in CCD..!!
Its been a decade now. I was in love with her and still i am. I used to stay awake for the whole night. With her, sleep was just a dream. In the begning our relationship was strong. She would help me in every pursit. She would help me concentrate and keep me motivated for long time. It was due to her i wrote a lot of stories, poems. She was my creative muse. She was the one who was with me thru thick n thin…

But at times she was black, like a dark black hole. She wouldnt let me sleep despite my wish. I went through Paranoia and anxiety becuase of her and.even hallucination when i was at the peak of our relationship. But still i always kept her, a special place in my life.

And then one day we had a massive breakup.. It was me.. I had to move away from her.. I was addicted to her.. So much that couldnt concentrate or study or write.. I felt like without her i am just a snob, a good for nuthin.. So i left her. We grew apart. In the begning it was twice a day contact then it slimmed down to once a three day.

And now we are just good friends.

Thats the reason i started having an affair with TEA now.. I dumped COFFEE..
– my lovestory with coffee..

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a few lines from the story….” 1947- an omen”

I asked my wife for a cup of coffee. It was 3 in the morning. She was sitting with me in our bed. She did not ask me what happened. Or why I waked up with a scream? Or why was I sweating? She put the quilt aside, slipped into her slippers and went out of the room. I was still in the bed. Sweating profusely and leaning against the big backrest of the bed.  I closed my eyes and threw my head back on the pillow. I was trying to tell my mind to stop thinking about that incident again and again. It’s been decades now, but that few days of my life still haunt me. My wife emerged back into the room with a tray in her hands. She brought coffee for me. She knew only coffee could calm me in these situations.