Lets us examine the question “Is Respect of human rights is an obligation every citizen irrespective of caste, color and religion in the society.?”

I will like to start with a quote from Nelson Mandela “To deny people of their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.”

Human rights are the very manifestation of humanity. Human rights, as we know are the universal set of rights that every citizen of the planet irrespective of his caste, color, religion, decent and nationality cherishes. These rights are not given to us by any government or law instead they are inculcate into our existence. They exist because we exist. They are transcendental in nature yet they inspire people from all political spectrum to come together and vouch for its violations. Unlike the constitutional fundamental rights they are not written somewhere but are born out of our survival, our aspirations to live and exist as we deem fit, our hopes and dreams to lead a dignified and meaningful life.

As UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka say “Our hopes for a more just, safe and peaceful world can only be achieved when there is universal respect for the inherent dignity and equal rights of all members of human family”, it becomes an obligation of every citizen irrespective of caste, color, creed, religion and all other basis of discrimination to respect the human rights. When people know, practice, abide, use and protect their rights without abusing, infringing, exploiting and violating them, they become responsible citizens.

The term ‘Human right’ was first used in 1766, but in the present century it has gained a new connotation. The freedom from unlawful imprisonment, torture or execution has become the genial meaning now. The widespread killings of people in different areas during the world wars and the cold war, the subjugation of various freedoms of the third world or aboriginal people by the imperial superpowers, the democratically plotted genocides of targeted communities or religious populations, the regional implications of war as in Somalia, Iran, Kashmir, Punjab etc all are considered gross human right violations by international media in particular and public in general.

How can one citizen not respect what he himself aspires for? John F Kennedy rightly says, “The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened”.  The world is a practically a give and take equation, you call it karma or you call it reaction, everyone reaps what he sows. Without respecting the rights of a fellow human you cannot and should not hope for your own rights to be respected.

There are forums and international communities, NGO’s and organisations working for human rights. The UNHRC is the apex body at the international level looking into the human rights and their violations. Amnesty international and several such NGO’s are playing a positive role in safeguarding the Human Rights. But the question is why we need such organisations in the first place? Why are the Rights violated? Who are the culprits? The answer lies in self introspection. If every citizen of the planet feel it is his obligation to respect the Human rights of the fellow human without any discrimination whatsoever, the world would be a better place.

I would like to sum it up with the words of UN Deputy Secretary General JAN ELIASSON, “ there can be no peace without development, no development without peace and no lasting peace or sustainable development without respect for Human rights and the rule of law”


The Indian Comedy.

Indians are very good at developing and adapting new things. Now a days they have developed a new capability, the capability to laugh on those things on which usually one should cry. The time has changed but the scene is still. India has emerged as one of the biggest global powers. It has developed a good physique but on the same time developed many diseases, unknown, undiagnosed, although curable, but still undetected by the doctor. The symptoms have surfaced but we are such ignorant lot, that we don’t care about them. If left untreated, the day will soon come when these diseases will enter the last stage, and then we in-addition to be ignorant will also be helpless.

The country with the largest youth pool is under the rule of the age group, which by now should sit and enjoy the benefits of Senior Citizenship. Ever now and then, the headlines of the newspaper or the highlights of the news channels talk about Corruption and swindles. The only thing common in them is their political back and link. The other thing common is the spectators, who never change, sit back and watch, have a light laugh, then get back to what they were doing.

From last two years, there is a lot of fuss about corruption and scams. They have become a part of our daily life. From the morning bed tea, to the good nigh kiss, we either get corrupted or corrupt somebody. Being unaware from all this is the height of our ignorance. A citizen has lost Rs 5000 as a result of scam. Yeah, that sounds very small, but when multiplied with the 1.21 billion population of our country its sums up to “only 3 scams.”

It is indeed high time for youth to rise and get counted. Although, Mahatma Gandhi once said, that students should not involve in politics, but it was back then, when 2G and Coal scam were not known. But, first we have to redefine ‘youth’, because a person in mid forties having two children, is considered youth, and then we have a young CM.

We have been laughing all the while enjoying movies in which political people are portrayed criminals and villains. We like such movies and comedy channels who critic the politicians. But when it come out of reel life into our real life, we sit back and clap, waiting for a superman, or better Shaktiman to come, with laser in his eyes and punish the bad. The power we have, the power of vote, we underestimate it, being slapped in the face by the person and then again electing him to slap us, is the misuse of this power.

We have discussed all such problems repeatedly, but never come to a suitable solution. Its high time that, we revise our civics books and consider a chapter on the powers, eligibility and the process of choosing a MLA, a MP, A Minister and all such politicians. The older criteria for the politician was being criminal, or trying to be one. But jokes apart, we need a change, which we ourselves have to bring around.

The great Indian question is…. “agey kuan pichey khai.. vote kisko dein bhai”

Do we need a religion?

Do we need religion?.

A theory of universalisation….

When conscience is developed, when every man has a brain which is capable of reason and intellect, when everybody seeks peace, when all love to be loved, when humanity is so talked of, when religion is merely a historic word, when values of faith and belief are being questioned, when everybody is seeking answers to his own set of question, when there is a how to every what, the question arises that, are we in a state to follow any religion. Do we really need a religion? Everybody says that every religion teaches us to be good, than why follow any special religion, than why create a divide in human world, than why challenge god? Yes, why challenge god, if he himself has not made any religion than why should we?

What is a religion? Is it a line of demarcation of a person from person, or is it a set of rules to be followed, or is it a school of thought leading a group of persons to hate and criticise other persons. And if it is none of these then what is it. The now-a-day generation or the Gen-x is introduced to this hollow mechanism of rituals by there elders, who in turn were introduced to there religion by their elder and so on. When a child is born, he is born as a child and not as a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian a Sikh or any other such and such. Its we who incorporate and inculcate in their minds this fib fact. We tell them to hate one and love other, to be one and defy other.

The dogma of religion is in fact a heresy. In actual we don’t need religion as a word. We don’t need religion as a set of rituals. We don’t need religion as a thing to be followed. If there are rules that hinder the full psychological growth of mind, then it is to be blamed on the religion. If we are to be differentiated and discriminated on the basis of our attire, our appearance which in turn pertains to our religion, if we are to be targeted as the followers of every this and that and are to be separated from the followers of every that and this, if we are treated specially or ignored specially, if we are to go to heaven and hell, or whatever place we are deemed to be, on the basis of this, then do we need this?

What we need is to cut off all such chains and unite under one single religion-less religion, a un-named name, a universal group, whatever you wish to name it, which should have no this and that as a ritual, no that and this as a rule, no differentiation, no discrimination, no attire, no appearance, no place, no name for the god. We need to live, and live freely as brothers and sisters.

I am not a pagan, nor I am atheist, but I hate to be hated for what I am, and in fact, what I am not. He comes and say be this and than another he from a different religion comes and says his is the best be that, and than yet another he. The “he” is a person who only loves “his”. The “he” has a certain group of people to be called as “we” and they all love what they call “ours”, but they hate “you” or a group called “they” and they don’t love “your” or “their”. This “he” quarrels with “you” for “our” and “theirs”. What we need is a universal “we” and a universal “our” and what we have to abolish is a universal “he” and a universal “their”.

Aren’t we all are now a matured group of persons, who know what is good and what is bad, what to do and what not to do, what is what and what is what. Yes offcourse we are. And this ends the need for a religion. We do need a god, but only one which is “our” and nobody should call him “his” god.