From True Love To Just Friends


We met at Nescafe!!. And our love greww in CCD..!!
Its been a decade now. I was in love with her and still i am. I used to stay awake for the whole night. With her, sleep was just a dream. In the begning our relationship was strong. She would help me in every pursit. She would help me concentrate and keep me motivated for long time. It was due to her i wrote a lot of stories, poems. She was my creative muse. She was the one who was with me thru thick n thin…

But at times she was black, like a dark black hole. She wouldnt let me sleep despite my wish. I went through Paranoia and anxiety becuase of her and.even hallucination when i was at the peak of our relationship. But still i always kept her, a special place in my life.

And then one day we had a massive breakup.. It was me.. I had to move away from her.. I was addicted to her.. So much that couldnt concentrate or study or write.. I felt like without her i am just a snob, a good for nuthin.. So i left her. We grew apart. In the begning it was twice a day contact then it slimmed down to once a three day.

And now we are just good friends.

Thats the reason i started having an affair with TEA now.. I dumped COFFEE..
– my lovestory with coffee..

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Girls Vs Boys Reaction to a Breakup.

“That’s it! it’s not working anymore! We should break-up now”. She said and then sipped the remaining mocha-chino from her cup.

He was searching for an answer. They have been through this conversation almost a dozen times. Now he was really tired of this relationship. It’s been 2 years. He had tried a lot to make it work. He has sacrificed a lot. He has crossed all his limits. And he loved her more than anything.

A boy loves with all his heart. A girl loves with her brain. A boy will love the girl without knowing her, her family, her tastes, her likes, her dislikes and then try to fit into her image of a good boyfriend/husband. A girl also starts to love without knowing anything, but then rest of the relationship she tries to modify or reshape the boys interest, his style, his likes, his dislike, his passions and even his way of thinking.

For a boy it’s, “if you are with me I’ll do anything for you”. But for a girl it’s “if you do this, this and this, for me than I will ‘think’ about you”. A boy will convince his family, his friends and relatives for her. But a girl will not do the same and instead say, how can I.

A girl needs a secure future, a stable monthly income, a good house, a good car, a high-profile school for her children. And that too when she is 23 and the boy is 24. She won’t allow the boy some time to earn and settle down. She wants it now and once for all.

“Ok”, he said and went up to the billing corner, paid off the bill and left her sitting alone.

She knew he will call him after an hour and apologize and say “baby, give me some time, I know it’s my fault, I am looking for a better job and will soon be earning good. And I have talked with my dad we will soon be selling off the land in village and build a home in town, and baby I know you are doing this for us. You just stay with me I’ll do whatever you say.”


And the chutzpa (foolishness) continues until she eventually will stop receiving his calls and settle down with a wealthy, good guy.


What do We Talk When We Talk About Love!

If its not showing love and care…
Not even being always there…
Then what do we talk…
When we talk about love…

If its not touches and kisses…
Not even sending messages of wishes…
Then what do we talk…
When we talk of love…

If its not about gifts and cards…
Not even walking miles of yards…
Then what do we talk…
When we talk about love…

If its not about bread and wine…
Not even siting together to dine…
Then what do we talk…
When we talk about love…

Its first submission and then compromise…
To hang on till eternity and still suffice…
And this is why we dont talk much…
When we talk about this love…

Love’s Unconsiousness!

Intricately indulged in the lap of love…

Lost in the mists of heart…
Overpowered by a desire…
Volatile to the wishes…
Embarking on an eternal journey …

My eyes look for you…
And my ears your voice…
No matter how far you are …
Still every moment is intoxicating…
Heaven knows what it means…
And I resign to this unconsciousness…

//its an Acrostic poem for someone//


An Eternal Kiss.

Tis a dream of open eyes

That made my consciousness quiver

And my body shiver

I closed my eyes

To look into me

From within and outside

I see a girl and call fairy

And she turned fairy

Her lips touched mine

She emptied me off

And took my grief

And left me blank

I gazed the sky above

He reflected my hollowness

I asked her again

This time she filled me with joy

And added some strength

And my consciousness aroused

An eternal kiss;

When love becomes possession.

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love and be free..
make love, admire and sojourn,
Compose loathe and for forever..
get down deeper but be free..

create a void, love more,
create space not rules..
live life not laws..
free and wild,
not wild and free,

Destitute, desolate and forlorn..
And a lot more, they possess love..
Freedom is slavery, peace is war
Love is lust, lust not love..
Adulate is adulterate.
And the free tied to pillars.
Hand’s cuffed shoulder’s bowed,
When love becomes possession.


Tears in the eyes
Rolling down the cheeks
Like lightening in the skies
A tongue not able to speak

A forlorn story of words
Jigsaws and mazes
Piercing heart like swords
Capturing vivid gazes

Thorns separated from rose
Giving pain and sear
But beautifying at its close
Makes the rose; tsar
© fidoic 2014