“I am not a pagan nor am i an atheist, but i hate to be hated for what i am , and in fact, for what i am not” – fidoic


god? who?

he came and made you
from bricks and mortar
from paper and ink
and named you god

he took it further
and blamed on you
the things unknown
the quests forlorn

when he did good
it was all his
when things went wrong
those bricks came in


Do we need a religion?

Do we need religion?.

A theory of universalisation….

When conscience is developed, when every man has a brain which is capable of reason and intellect, when everybody seeks peace, when all love to be loved, when humanity is so talked of, when religion is merely a historic word, when values of faith and belief are being questioned, when everybody is seeking answers to his own set of question, when there is a how to every what, the question arises that, are we in a state to follow any religion. Do we really need a religion? Everybody says that every religion teaches us to be good, than why follow any special religion, than why create a divide in human world, than why challenge god? Yes, why challenge god, if he himself has not made any religion than why should we?

What is a religion? Is it a line of demarcation of a person from person, or is it a set of rules to be followed, or is it a school of thought leading a group of persons to hate and criticise other persons. And if it is none of these then what is it. The now-a-day generation or the Gen-x is introduced to this hollow mechanism of rituals by there elders, who in turn were introduced to there religion by their elder and so on. When a child is born, he is born as a child and not as a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian a Sikh or any other such and such. Its we who incorporate and inculcate in their minds this fib fact. We tell them to hate one and love other, to be one and defy other.

The dogma of religion is in fact a heresy. In actual we don’t need religion as a word. We don’t need religion as a set of rituals. We don’t need religion as a thing to be followed. If there are rules that hinder the full psychological growth of mind, then it is to be blamed on the religion. If we are to be differentiated and discriminated on the basis of our attire, our appearance which in turn pertains to our religion, if we are to be targeted as the followers of every this and that and are to be separated from the followers of every that and this, if we are treated specially or ignored specially, if we are to go to heaven and hell, or whatever place we are deemed to be, on the basis of this, then do we need this?

What we need is to cut off all such chains and unite under one single religion-less religion, a un-named name, a universal group, whatever you wish to name it, which should have no this and that as a ritual, no that and this as a rule, no differentiation, no discrimination, no attire, no appearance, no place, no name for the god. We need to live, and live freely as brothers and sisters.

I am not a pagan, nor I am atheist, but I hate to be hated for what I am, and in fact, what I am not. He comes and say be this and than another he from a different religion comes and says his is the best be that, and than yet another he. The “he” is a person who only loves “his”. The “he” has a certain group of people to be called as “we” and they all love what they call “ours”, but they hate “you” or a group called “they” and they don’t love “your” or “their”. This “he” quarrels with “you” for “our” and “theirs”. What we need is a universal “we” and a universal “our” and what we have to abolish is a universal “he” and a universal “their”.

Aren’t we all are now a matured group of persons, who know what is good and what is bad, what to do and what not to do, what is what and what is what. Yes offcourse we are. And this ends the need for a religion. We do need a god, but only one which is “our” and nobody should call him “his” god.



The face went blank but,
He cared not a nut,
Elegance was his gut.

Features he had so bright and vivid.
In his immoral rectitude’s avid,
Defiance had his own wits for his attitude,
Or had he discovered depth’s altitude.
Indifferent to the akin he was,
Cultured faith in his  cause.


Directionless society.

“Papa see there, an accident happened to them. Shut up and move, we have to go home, I am tired.”This is the type of reaction most of us have, we do not care or we pretend to be over smart. Either we are afraid to handle such things or we are selfish.

Social is the only word that separates us from animals and this is the only responsibility that we are abstaining from. We are civilized yet uncivic, concerned yet careless, calm yet violent, community yet individual.

It is hard to define society but according to dictionary meaning society is the sum of human conditions and activity regarded as a whole functioning interdependently. Or in simple words living in organised community. But being in an organised community does not mean being interdependent for physical needs only. It is a complex mixture of emotions, psychology, mentality spirituality and then physically. The complexity arises when we have to define the terms emotions, psychology and spirituality and that too in context to a society. When we are attached to the whole of the society and not only to our friends and to relatives in a way such that their grief is our grief and their gratitude is our gratitude, we become emotionally and mentally and psychology attached to the whole of the society. Spirituality, in reference to society means selflessness in selfishness. The means of acquiring structured goods in exchange to it or money is trade not interdependence of society.

In practice these days we are confined to trade with others and depend only for physical needs. All other aspects are confined to our family and friends. We won’t care for any other being, we don’t help the needful unknown to us, we are not bothered if there is an accident or somebody is fighting with somebody or if an underprivileged is in need. We have become extremely selfish.

Being in a democratic, secular, civilized form of government, we are non-secular and non-democratic. The society is wholly solely divided of the basis on caste, creed, region language, sex. And a new division of rich and poor is blooming up. We are practicing the ancient traditions of untouchibility, female foeticide, low morale and living standards of girl child if allowed to live. Crime is at all time high. Murders, robbery, drug peddling, rapes and several other make it to headlines daily. Nudity and sexuality have become the new trends in our society. Adolescence and teenage criminals are increasing. Media and press are making mocks on society. The youth is directionless, griped in drugs and erotica. The parents are busy in their lives. Everyone is selfish wanting more for himself at the cost of others. Universal brotherhood has shrunken to words. Terrorism and militancy are at its peak. Corruption is a parasite. Illiteracy adding in, poverty joining hands and inhumanity boosting up. It is a state of complete haphazardness.

Moral boosting is a must. Religious and educated people are the backbone of our society. They are the one due to whom this word exists. Every religion teaches us oneness and tells us to perform service to humanity. The society is too be a social, civic, law abiding, rights following, humanity seeking, morally upright, secular and a single unit. These elements are missing from our society. There are several taboos that are to be followed. Our children are exposed to nudity at the birth itself with TV, movies, banners all flooding with ambassadors wearing as much less clothes as possible. Usage of drugs by movie actors in pictures has a great effect on our youth, who have them as their role models.

It is a high time to invent ideas to deal with the moral problems of society. All other issues are a offshoots of moral disorder. The administrators are to play an important role. The sensor board should think with brains and not money. The commoners are to participate in all these enactments and use the right acts to macerate such evils of society.






Shri Guru Granth Sahib is not confined to the Sikhs alone but in fact Sikhs are the custodians of this beautiful gift given to mankind by Almighty God through Guru Nanak and His other companions.

There are 36 contributors from various walks of life in this scripture, among them only 6 are Sikh Gurus, 2 Untouchable Bhagats, 7 Muslims and remaining are from different communities form the Hindu’s. This beautiful gift ‘Guru Granth Sahib’ took 239 years for completion. The mission was very big. Shri Guru Granth Sahib was compiled in such a period when India was ruled by Muslims and the most miserable chapter was the cruelty of the upper class (Brahmins) to their lower classes. For shuders (lower classes in Hinduism) INDIA WAS A LAND OF MISERIES.

Guru Nanak was among one of those poise souls who realised in his childhood, the truth of life.  He realised the miseries and sorrows of the people and made up his mind to guide them on the true path. He took with him, his one companion named Mardana who was a musician of rabab on his missionary journey. Once he said to Mardana “Oh Mardana Play Your Rabab I Got Bani from God”. Guru Nanak says “hoin aapey bol na jaanda me kheya sab hukmai jeeyo “. I do not know what I say it’s all the order of the almighty God.

Shri Guru Granth Sahib is the only scripture of the world which has humanism clubbed with spiritualism, based on peace and social justice. Moreover it is the only scripture of the world that has been written during the life time of its Gurus themselves and we know that it is firsthand what they taught us.

As we know many of the other great teachers the world has known had not left a line of their own composition. We only know that they taught through tradition or second hand information.

As per Guru Nanak’s version it has summarised the purpose of the granthic hymns in the following words 

 “In this Vessel (Guru Granth Sahib) three things have been put : – Truth, Harmony and Wisdom or Reason.These are seasoned with the ambrosial name of God, which is the ground of all. Whoever eateth and enjoyeth shall be saved “

If there is anything perfect in this universe that’s God only. So it’s obvious that his all the creations are perfect, his laws are unchallengeable, his word is order and this whole universe is his empire. It’s He who manages and takes care of his establishment. We are just the care takers and gardeners of his empire.  Sometimes it happens that man break the rules and tries to disturb his set up for his own interest. As the water from its source is very clear but when it enters in the city it becomes contaminated.  God sends his messengers to give the right directions to those who knowingly or unknowingly try to contaminate His purity and disrespect His laws.

Actually Guru’s idea was to present to the world a book which should serve a textbook of universal religion, and something which is essential and common to the truly religious side of the faith. It is like giving sight to the blind, words to the dumb, and sounds to the deaf. 

Guru Granth sahib is a gift of God to his mankind. This gift to the mankind came to a successful completion at Amritsar in the year 1604. At the conclusion of this task the Guru told his followers that Shri Guru granth Sahib was the embodiment of the Gurus and should therefore be held in extreme reverence. Thus we have before us a most authenticated book to rely upon.

It is neither KARAMA MARGA nor GYAN MARGA not even BHAKTI MARGA of traditional Hindu. It is mostly NAM MARGA and may be called aesthetic idealism and lays emphasis on aesthetic communion and its result on WISMAD-WONDER. 80% of population of our country are innocent and ignorant about the basic knowledge of religion. To them pooja-path, rituals, customs, traditions, donations and reciting parrot like mantras is the religion. Shri Guru Granth Sahib condemn these hallow rituals and declares human being, his soul and body as the true religion. Body is the temple of God and soul is the eternal power. All the knowledge and precious valuable thoughts are inside the body but very few followers and seekers of this divine power are trying to get them enlightened.

This scripture does not advocate for any religion but for the dignity of human person with gender equality.  It declares the life of the householder as superior, morally and spiritually, lead to uplifting of the decent and equal status to the women. Guru Nanak says a person is impure due to his/her deeds not by his physiology; it is all by nature and the will of God. In Granth Sahib Guru Nanak posed a question to the entire human race “how do you call a woman impure and bad who gives birth to kings and prophets”.

There is a peculiarity in the text of Guru Granth Sahib which could not be found anywhere else in the whole of the world that is pleaded for the people of all religions to adhere their own way of worship without contradicting their different faiths. A person who goes through the text of Guru Granth Sahib finds the similarities of religions and that the original basic philosophies of all religions as one. This does not spread any discrepancies of superficial rituals and customs of religions, which make them different from each other. The beauty of it is in not claiming to be the only true and correct text but it declares all the Religious Texts and the Religious Texts of Indian origin are not false. The person is false who does not understand those texts.

Guru Granth Sahib firmly believed and preached father-hood of god and brother of man and thus, in a way equality of man. His word “Bani” is based on Universal and Eternal Truths, and as such, is meant to benefit all the mankind without the least distinction of caste, creed, colour and country


Guru Nanak was least bothered to introduce any new religion. He was the firm believer of humanity and spirituality and he tried to lower the walls of hatred and castes made by the followers of different faiths around themselves, as it was impossible to uproot these walls in totality. Only a sincere, concentrated and understandable reading of Gurubani can be fruitful. One who practises these words can bring peace to his soul. Guru Nanak was interested in making a perfect human within the faith of his own religion. Shri Guru Granth Sahib was compiled for universal human beings based on needs of a newly evolving humanity art of living facing the challenges on society and emerging as a perfect and natural human being in its pure form was the dream of Guru Nanak. It is the message of Shri Guru Granth Sahib that nobody taking birth in a particular religion becomes automatically member of that religion it is by accident.  A man is born free but we convert him into different religions by Baptising (Christian), Sunnat (Muslim) Janhoo (Hindu) Amrit (Sikh) and so on. The great poet Sir Dr Mohd Iqbal in His poem “Nanak” Says

“Phir Uthi Aakhir Sadha, Toheed ke Punjab Se

Ik Mard Kamil Ne Jagaya Hind Ko Phir Khab Se”


At last, a realistic saint (Nanak), from Punjab raised the voice of oneness, which wakened the Indians from deep slumber of ignorance.                                                    

Shri Guru Granth Sahib has played a significant role to unite various religions for co-existence. Oneness of god, oneness of religion and oneness of mankind is the basic theme. He may be called with numerable names though He does not have any name. Digit one “1” in the beginning of Shri Guru Granth Sahib indicates oneness of God, instead of any other particular name.  

In modern world the message of Guru Granth Sahib is the most valuable gift. It is our moral duty to spread this most valuable gift to mankind which is the guidance to rise above the religious concepts and lead a pure and peaceful life remaining as a householder. It is a matchless treasure and library of wisdom, knowledge and experience of those who faced all ups and downs of life, and a moral boost to the suppressed section of society.

Shri Guru Granth is the finest example of secularism, social justice, socio-religious equality of women, unity, caste indiscrimination and co-existence between different religions, hence the greatest gift to mankind.